Cacanda agricultural project

Challenges: Insufficient Agricultural Productivity and Skills Gap

The Cacanda Agricultural Project aims to address the long-standing issue of underutilization and inadequate productivity on the farm due to years of inactivity. The farm’s potential for egg production, vegetable cultivation, seedling production, cereal cultivation, and livestock farming has remained untapped, resulting in a lack of diverse and fresh agricultural products. Moreover, the absence of modern agricultural knowledge and techniques has contributed to this unproductive state.

Solution: Revitalizing the Cacanda Agricultural Project

  • Diverse Agricultural Production: The project seeks to restore the farm’s potential by reactivating various agricultural activities, including egg production, cultivation of greenhouse-grown and open-field vegetables, seedling production, cereal cultivation, and livestock farming (both bovine and goat).
  • Restoration of Farm: Through targeted efforts, the project aims to restore the farm’s operations and maximize its productivity. This involves the revival of egg production, the rearing of bovine and goat herds for meat, and the cultivation of vegetables and cereals, both in greenhouses and open fields.
  • Training in Modern Agricultural Methods: The project goes beyond mere production and includes a crucial educational component. Modern agricultural techniques and practices will be taught to the local community, empowering them with up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Impact: Empowering Agriculture and Skills Development

The revitalization of the Cacanda Agricultural Project holds the potential to create transformative changes:

  • Increased Fresh Produce: By restoring a range of agricultural activities, the project will significantly contribute to the availability of fresh produce. This diversity will address the scarcity of agricultural products and enhance local diets.
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure: The project encompasses comprehensive infrastructure development. This includes the creation of essential facilities such as state-of-the-art electricity, efficient irrigation and water consumption systems, and advanced fire safety systems.
  • Job Creation: The rejuvenated farm will generate employment opportunities, contributing to the economic growth of the area. This will be through roles related to farming, processing, and management of various agricultural activities.
  • Skills Enhancement: By offering training in modern agricultural methods, the project will bridge the skills gap that has hindered productive farming. This initiative will enable local agriculturists, especially young individuals, to adopt innovative and efficient techniques.


Gestão de Empreendimento Avícola

Lucala (Cuanza Norte)

Em curso


O Projecto Avícola do Lucala está espalhado por uma área que abrange duas províncias (Cuanza Norte e Malange) ao longo de uma extensão de 150 quilómetros.

A Agricultiva está a desenvolver a gestão do empreendimento, sendo as actividades principais a produção de ovos e frango. Existe também a possibilidade de venda de ração e de galinhas poedeiras ao público, mediante encomenda prévia.