Negage agricultural project

Challenges: Scarcity of Fresh Agricultural Produce

The Negage Agricultural Project aims to tackle the pressing issue of limited access to fresh agricultural products in the region. The lack of diverse and nutritious produce has resulted in nutritional gaps and an inadequate food supply.

Solution: Comprehensive Agricultural Initiative for Negage

  • Diverse Agricultural Production: The project envisions a comprehensive agricultural initiative encompassing egg production, cultivation of greenhouse-grown and open-field vegetables, seedling production, cereal cultivation, and livestock farming (both bovine and goat).
  • Infrastructural Development: The project takes a holistic approach by providing turn-key solutions. This includes the construction of necessary infrastructures, installation of cutting-edge electricity, establishment of efficient irrigation and water consumption systems, and implementation of robust safety measures against potential fires.
  • Employment Generation: The project holds the potential to create a significant number of jobs. This ranges from on-farm roles related to cultivation and livestock management to off-farm positions in processing and distribution.
  • Skills Enhancement: The initiative not only revitalizes agricultural production but also aims to educate and train young agriculturists in modern production techniques. This capacity-building aspect will equip the local workforce with advanced skills.

Impact: Elevated Agricultural Output and Skill Development

The Negage Agricultural Project promises a range of positive outcomes:

  • Increased Produce Availability: By diversifying agricultural activities, the project will substantially increase the availability of fresh produce. This will directly contribute to improved diets and overall nutrition in the region.
  • Infrastructure Upgrade: The comprehensive infrastructure development ensures efficient and sustainable agricultural practices. State-of-the-art facilities will facilitate production, processing, and distribution.
  • Youth Empowerment: Through training and education, the project will empower young agriculturists with modern techniques. This will not only enhance agricultural output but also ensure the continuity of innovative farming practices.


the Negage Agricultural Project presents a comprehensive solution to the scarcity of fresh produce. Through its holistic approach encompassing production, infrastructure, and skill development, the project aims to transform the local agricultural landscape, benefitting both the community’s nutrition and its socioeconomic well-being.




Implementing a regional farm for cereals, vegetables and eggs production.


Negage (Uíge)




The Regional Negage Farm was planned in partnership with the Angolan Agriculture Ministry to answer the region’s needs for fresh produce, create jobs, and qualify young agriculturists in new production techniques.

The Negage farm is a turn-key-project and its construction includes all the necessary infrastructures, including state-of-the-art electricity, irrigation and water consumption systems, as well as safety systems against fires.