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Community Liaison Officer

Senegal, Dakar · Local employment

About The Position

Agricultiva seeks a dedicated Community Liaison Officer (CLO) in Senegal to foster positive community relations, ensure effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and grievance management.

The CLO helps identify Project Affected Communities (PACs) and ensures municipalities engage appropriately. This role is pivotal in nurturing a positive and productive project-community relationship.

The CLO collaborates closely with the municipalities’ Inter-Communal Committee (ICC), Project Affected Communities (PACs), and international consultants, aligning activities with global standards for sustainable development.

Local engagement and resolution of land use issues is primarily conducted by authorized municipal members, while the CLO oversees and ensures compliance with established procedures.

The CLO's core objectives include proactively addressing legal matters pre-construction, managing land acquisition, grievance procedures, and facilitating transparent communication between the municipalities, independent consultants and community members.


Regular Community Engagement

· Proactively maintain regular contact with affected communities through monthly community visits.

· Engage with community members, leaders, women, and youth to understand concerns, gather feedback, and address queries related to project activities.

Stakeholder Engagement Reports

· Prepare the Agropole Project’s Livelihood Restoration Framework and Stakeholder Engagement Management Plan.

· Produce daily and monthly stakeholder engagement reports detailing interactions, feedback received, and actions taken.

· Maintain accurate records of community engagement activities and stakeholder interactions.

Communication with Vulnerable Groups

· Ensure effective communication with vulnerable groups, including women and youth, addressing their specific needs and concerns.

· Facilitate awareness programs and initiatives targeted at these groups to promote understanding and involvement in project activities.

Courtesy Visits and Opinion Monitoring

· Conduct courtesy visits to project stakeholders, including community leaders, to foster positive relationships and update them on project activities.

· Monitor community opinions, concerns, and feedback, providing regular updates to project stakeholders and addressing issues promptly.

Grievance Reporting

· Report grievances, concerns, and disputes raised by community members to the Project Manager.

· Collaborate with the Project management team to resolve grievances in a timely and effective manner, ensuring community satisfaction and project alignment with social responsibility goals.

Livelihood Restoration Measures and Employment Opportunities

· Attend consultations with PACs, E&S consultants, ICC and local members to establish livelihood restoration measures, ensuring transitional support for affected community members.

· Communicate to PACs that individuals with impacted croplands will be prioritized for employment opportunities within the Agropole Project, promoting local economic development.



· Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as community development, social sciences, environmental management, or related disciplines.

· Proven experience in stakeholder engagement, community relations, and/or grievance management, preferably within the context of infrastructure or development projects.

· Familiarity with international standards, including IFC Performance Standards (PS1, PS5, and PS4), related to environmental and social management.

· Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team.

· Fluent in Wolof, French and English. Local Senegalese dialects is an added value.

· Excellent organizational and management skills.

· Flexibility to travel and work in different project locations as needed.

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